14 of the World’s Most Iconic Sandwiches (Infographic)

Here are 14 of the most iconic sandwiches from all around the world in a colorful infographic, including such classics as the Chip Butty and Vada Pav.


14 of the World’s Most Iconic Sandwiches

“Our love for sandwiches is no secret; we spend £7.5bn per year on our favourite bread-based meals in the UK alone. But how does the rest of the world enjoy their sandwiches? From a noodle bun in Japan to the simple vegemite sarnie of Australia, sandwiches come in all shapes, sizes, flavours, and calories.”


This infographic was provided by the ever-creative NeoMam Studios to promote Darwin Escapes and was first published on our sister site, Dauntless Jaunter. It has been segmented down to reduce page load time, but the full infographic can be found here »


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